PNC Credit Card

The PNC Credit Card is provided by the PNC Financial Services Group, based in Pittsburg. PNC Financial’s major operations are mostly in the regional banking franchises in twenty states, including the District of Columbia. PNC is the fifth largest bank in the United States in terms of branches, the sixth largest bank by deposits, the sixth largest by total assets, and the third largest bank as a ATM provider. These are just some of the reasons that make PNC credit cards among the best in the region.

The PNC Points Credit Card is a rewards card that allows customers to earn points at the same time that are spending and earning their money. These points can then be transferred and used to claim over a hundred different kinds of rewards made available to the card holder. Among the many rewards includes cash returns, different kinds of merchandise from several affiliated brands, gift cards to several stores and shops, and several travel incentives.


You can also boost your Bonus Points and your earning potential with the PNC Point Credit Card by meeting the minimum balance for a certain amount of time, or by direct deposit requirements into a qualifying PNC checking account. You can even earn points by simply using PNC ATM machines, online banking, mobile banking or other electronic methods to make withdrawals, deposits or cash checks.

With the PNC Points Credit Card, you can earn Base points or the normal amount of points with your default card. But you can also earn bonus points. Bonus Points from the card means special bonus offers, purchase bonus points, and bonus points associated with the credit card. Your credit card will be automatically enrolled in the PNC points program, and users can immediately start earning their points with each withdrawal and deposit made with the card. You can also boost your points by doing the following:

  • Get a PNC Virtual Wallet and you can get a 25% bonus on the base points that you can earn
  • Get a PNC Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend or PNC Performance Checking Account and you can get a 50% bonus on the base points that you can earn.
  • Get a PNC Virtual Wallet with Performance Select or PNC Performance Select checking account and you get a 75% bonus on the points that you can earn

The PNC Credit Card is designed to make your purchases and transactions beneficial each time you use your card. If you want to avail of the many rewards and discounts offered by the PNC Credit Card then this is the right card for you. Like any credit card, there are initial offerings and introductory prices with the card. These prices are very ideal, but they are available only for a limited amount of time. Make sure that you take the time to take a look at these introductory prices and rates as well as their duration with your account.